Modified Route Advisor & Small Mirrors 1.34

Route Advisor & Small Mirrors
ETS2 & ATS 1.34
Main mod by Xebekzs’s & Hemil’s
Updated by Jorge Nitales

Jorge Nitales, Xebekzs, Hemil


11 thoughts on “Modified Route Advisor & Small Mirrors 1.34

  1. Fake!
    ####! At 1.34 the game crashes …

  2. Jorge Nitales

    People, works or not? wik412 don’t lie…

    1. Is it fix now?
      Because i like this one with top corner mirror, also mirror is smoller

  3. ok lemme test as well

  4. haha.. wik412 was the only person cant use this mod xD
    it works superb… :b thank you thank you modder

  5. It does crash game on ATS 1.34.x when cycleing through the menus like to see trailer damage etc … so you may need to revise your mod
    not tested on ETS2 but I am sure it will crash there as well pics looks nice but does not work CTD. also in the pics you have the bar in blue above loading mod it is still default color like in the mini map area and above that so its misleading as well sorry guy.

  6. Qwerty32saq

    Crashes when you click on F7

  7. Ok.. i dont have ats, but ets2 works perfectly

    1. Press F7 and you will see how this mod works…

      1. oh shoot.. you right man lol

  8. This is works fine on versions 1.32 and higher.
    And this advisor for versions 1.31 and below …

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