Momo’s Physics 6 – Beat the geometry

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As we all know that one of ETS2 major pains for us is the steering issues as too oversteering, too sensitive that make your so called truck rock like a little boat.

That is because the vanilla physics (and most other mods as well) have had the geometry calculation of the steering ratio, turning angle and turning radious all terribly wrong when compared to real life trucks.

And SCS knows this well, because of the limitation of 900 degree wheels that most gamers use will never simulate a real life truck’s 1,800 degree wheels. That’s why they give you the “Non Linearity” option to compensate that. But even that, it is still not easy for you to get the correct setting of it, and often leads you to another problem.

No matter what you have done, the steering never feels real in your hands.

Since ETS2 is such an amazing game/simulator that i love, so i would not give up after my previous 5 different physics mods (that are ok). I secretly worked and tested Physics 6 for over a month in hope to bring the most realistic physics mod as far as possible in all aspects. So i even studied some geometry calculation of cars and trucks by myself just to make this mod. And finally i (think I) have beaten the steering issues and am confident enough to share.


Do you know that :

– Real life trucks have a turning radious (or turning circle) of 12.8 meters while vanilla ETS2 trucks have only 8.75 meters ?

– Real life trucks’ steering wheel can turn 4.9 turns lock to lock while your conventional 900 degree wheel can turn only 2.5 turns ?

– ETS2 vanilla trucks have a steering ratio of only 12: 1 (minimum for standard cars) while real life trucks have a lot higher ratio ?

– Those are the causes of ETS2’s steering problem ?


– Turning circle 11.5 meters (real life trucks’ 12.8).

– Realistic steering ratio close to real life cars without using “Non Lineraity” and without causing understeering.

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– Smooth and precise steering close to real life cars without sacrificing anything.

– Realistic cabin, seat movement.

– Realistic wheel suspensions (rear suspension is made softer to encourage cabin’s movement)

– Realistic cabin & suspension behavior when braking (the nose heavily pushed towards the ground when you apply max brake with a heavy trailer attached).

– Realistic leaning to left & right when you take a sharp turn.

– This mod does not add much weight to the vanilla, it only adds a ton necessary to encourage the cabin & suspension behavior. So the weight is still close to real life trucks.


In order to experience the full effect, you MUST do exactly this:

* This setting is only for 900 degree wheel users.
* For joypad/keyboard users, you need to try on your own.

– 100 % Steering sensitivity
– 0% Non linearity (can be increased a little if you desire, up to 25%)
– 0% Trailer Stability
– 100% Camera physics
– Give this mod the top priority.
– Your steering wheel bundle software 50% sensitivity.


– Patch 1.28 compatible and may so for some older.
– All SCS’s trucks
– RJL Scania R
– RTA Renault Range T
– More modded trucks coming in the future


By downloading this mod, you have agreed that:

– You will not repost this mod anywhere.
– You will not steal my mod.

I have put a lot of work and effort to make this mod , please respect that.


This mod is and will always be free of charge. However, tips are always appreciated.
You can donate by Paypal or Steam Wishlist/Trading Cards.

Momo, Yuna


23 thoughts on “Momo’s Physics 6 – Beat the geometry

  1. I put the file in the right location but i dont see it in the game/
    i have v1.28.1.3s

  2. hello i download your mod put it in the game but i can’t see it why?

  3. it’s not in mod manager….

    1. where to put the file?

  4. There is no mod in manager :/

    1. I agree… so me too..

  5. Mr.Incognita

    There is no mod in the manager

  6. Not in mod manager

  7. me too, doesnt show up in mod manager

  8. If this mod doesn’t show in mod manager just extract all files and put them again in one .zip file. Put the name whatever you want, compression store, type of files .zip and in file name delete .zip and put .scs. Worked for me. By the way, awesome mod! I love that perfect steering even using mouse. Maybe trailer movement should be improved and seat movement… everything else seems realistic for me.

  9. its in steam workshop, subscribe and it shows up.

  10. Simply delete the manifest.sii!

    1. What is the error??

      1. mod_package : .package_name

    2. SkyeFlyer

      Tried deleting manifest.sii. Still not showing up.

  11. benjamin meis

    link sound

  12. Thank you. For me THE best physics mod ever. Awesome.

  13. I have changed the download file. Now it shows in the MOD manager.

  14. If you want to reupload anywhere please use only the original link.

  15. Brandon Taylor

    Awesome physics mod! I drove quite a while with it yesterday and have to say it’s the best one I’ve ever used!

    Thanks, Momo!

  16. Well done! To bend became an easy task now. Great mod indeed. Thank you so much.

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