More Realistic DAF EURO 6 Sound


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Here I present my latest mod for daf euro 6 truck.
this mod has this features:
– new blinker sounds;
– new engine brake sound;
– new idle engine sound;
– new realistic horn;
– new start/stop engine sound;
– new handbrake and gear change sounds;
– and many others.
this mod represent 99% of what scs recorded on real daf euro 6 ( see this video: ).
Please do not reupload and keep the original download link.
manifest.sii file included!

KiLLer Modding


6 thoughts on “More Realistic DAF EURO 6 Sound

  1. It sounds like you starting a van, not a truck at least from the inside.
    A truck should have a stronger deeper start sound.
    The engine sound is actually not bad in my opinion.

    1. kiLLer Modding

      thank you, I will consider this to the new update of the sound. write all your opinion. 🙂

  2. pilotchaos31

    yaas the real sound and the horn very good job

    for the Scania V8 please c:

    1. kiLLer Modding

      a bit challenging, but I will give it a try in few days.

  3. Trucker_Bob

    the blinker sound isnt right the sounds and indicator is way faster and the sound isnt right

    1. Trucker_Bob watch vid u know what i mean, ignore the guy whos talking coz… i cant even understand but just ignore

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