More Realistic Lighting v 3.0

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Works on DX9 and DX11

Changelog 3.0: rebuild

– Clarity
– Curves
– MagicBloom
– MultiLUT
– Tonemap
– Filmic Anamorphic Sharpen
– LevelsPlus

In game settings:
– Anti-Aliasing (MLAA): ON
– High Dynamic Range (HDR): ON/OFF (recommended ON)
– Depth of Field (DOF): ON
– Rays of Sunshine: ON
– Color Correction: ON

Recommend use FullHD resolution, Ultra settings and scaling 200% or higher.



11 thoughts on “More Realistic Lighting v 3.0

  1. TheNuvolari

    Saw this beautiful preset on SCS Forum, I’m not able to reply there so I just want to say that your I really appreciate your ReShade presets, I could watch the screenshots you made on the ReShade site for ages!

    1. Nuvolari, why you cannot reply on SCS forum?

      1. JoachimK

        I think, that’s his personal Reasons. 😉

        1. Nuvolari said: “I’m not able (…)” – so that means, that there is something wrong. Perhaps he was banned for something? Strange thing, because I was banned too, and I don’t know why :-/ I sent an email to SCS Software with a request for explanation…

          1. TheNuvolari

            Yes. I’ve been banned.

    2. evtevred


  2. Jak tego moda dodać i gdzie??

  3. Mohamed alie

    how to installer

  4. Heaven and Hell

    Is this mod compatible with Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod and second, should i use the Reshade software?

    Thanks in advance!

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