More Traffic & More Trucks v 1.2

More Traffic & More Trucks (3) More Traffic & More Trucks (2) More Traffic & More Trucks (1)

For people who have issues with this version or doesn’t work for them

Try this version tested with VANILLA and PROMODS and work great.
Your pc need to have the minimum system requirements because SCS reduce the traffic for the performances.

Author: TruckZone


2 thoughts on “More Traffic & More Trucks v 1.2

  1. Apferreira Truckman

    to achieve this effect you only need to edit the traffic_data file that resides in the / def, and edit the lines:

    traffic_data: {

    # Max_vehicle_count: 50 # Total AI vehicle count limit (including trucks)
    # Max_truck_count: 4 # AI truck count limit

  2. TruckZone

    ok guys,sorry i was busy for a long while,and i didn’t play ETS2,yeah this mod need update and fix some settings…when i was absent,i saw some guys stolen the mod,rename it and edit it without even say thanks or permission,so i will not update this mod,maybe they can xd

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