Morozov Express 6.7


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Map checked only ETS_2_Map_12.1

Map tested with DLC France

Added 13 cities

Use in place Map_Morozov_Express_6.3 map

Do not connect the two maps at the same time!

The order file is located in the manager the same as for

valera_t, morozov, voldemar56


12 thoughts on “Morozov Express 6.7

  1. GamerLionfish

    Does this map work with RusMaps & ProMods?

    1. This map work only with Mario Map 12.1

  2. mods_ats = fake or stolen mod 100% Do not download

  3. spartacus33

    This map replace the map “ETS_2_Map__Morozov_Express_6.3” in your files mod manager to the last version of MarioMap 12.1
    Thanks to Author(s)

  4. spartacus33

    In MarioMap, the original ETS_2_Map__Morozov_Express_6.3 = 1419 Mo, and this new map ETS_2_Map__Morozov_Express_6.7 = 757 Mo… so, largest in principle (as replacement and not added)…

  5. Ta mapa to nie działa wywala z gry cały czas sprawdzałem nawet samą mapę i też nic to nie dało crash

  6. Для какой версии?

  7. Łukasz – wszystko ładnie śmiga na wersji, ale tylko z mapą MarioMap_12.1 – trzeba zamienić plik MorozovExpress 6.3 na wersję 6.7. Do poprawnego działania wymaga 3 DLC – GoingEast!, Scandinavia oraz Vive La France.

  8. i+added+this+map+for+my+mario+12.1+runs+oka+but+when+i+go+into+profile+thats+when+the+game+crashes+i+have+got+them+in+order+numerically

  9. map not work

  10. Why is it smaller than ETS_2_Map__Morozov_Express_6.3?

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