Mortal Rutes – Dangerous Road – Updated [1.30]

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New updated version – fully working on 1.30 version game!!

– Added new cities
– More dangerous roads
– Fully optimized for 1.30

I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

VS Mods, Rodrigo


32 thoughts on “Mortal Rutes – Dangerous Road – Updated [1.30]

  1. Italia dlc needed?

  2. not working.

  3. RiflerGamer

    map autonomous?


    1. RiflerGamer

      Loading standard map without Italy

      1. Mortal Rutes are around the Europe? Is it normal?

  5. it’s game crashed???

    1. If you create new profile and deactivate all mods its working. I tested it…

      1. wy deactivate all mods, you can perhaps make it working with all kind off mods

  6. Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

    Wydajesz już ##### którąś z kolei wersję tej pierdolonej mapy, i za każdym razem ##### nie działa!

  7. RiflerGamer

    Work! Test video:

    1. Thank you for video. 🙂 People who commenting sh*ts really dont know extract map to mod folder and actiavte it..

  8. i have new istallation and i have new Profile not working this map
    in 1.30

  9. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  10. Bhagwant123

    Is map standalone?

  11. schreib+doch+endlich+mal+einer+eine+scheiß+anleitung+wie+man++das+zum+laufen+bekommt+ist+das+so+schwer+

  12. MetalGhostxD

    Copy and paste some parts of the map : ???, credits to honducatracho22 for use your models… use without permission…

    1. Yes you are right

  13. IP KIRIK

    1. MuhammetBaşqan


  14. Not work. New Profile, no others mods and select standalone map. I have only Europe Map but with Italy incomplete and many broken roads of the Mortal Rutes around main map…I don’t know….

    1. So, is it normal have Mortal Rutes around the Europe? Is this the project?

    2. Mod working, view test videos in comment.. Next who dont know activate mod and then crying…

      1. Shut Up, I’m not a child.

  15. pro mods compatible ?

  16. This is reupload Map Mortal Routes no changes. old mods and reuploads site

  17. Vlad50075

    Map not working. What DLC map needed?

  18. think

  19. Video showing how to install the road and ride part 1

    1. Map not working normal map is fck i download so bigger no sense …..not recomended map

  20. Part 3:
    Part 4 and end:
    Conclusion: Not so deadly this way.
    A lot of work still needs to be done to improve it.
    Must make it compatible with the normal profile and not be forced to make another profile.

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