[MP] New Trailer Double Configurations (and more)

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So, what is this mod, you might ask.
This mod adds a crapton of new B-double trailer combos, allows flatbed to be used in doubles (both types), adds aero trailer in B-double (not customisable except wheels), some triple trailer configs and
adds and allows for some accesories for trailers which normally cannot be used on them.

This mod is also (in theory, can’t test yet) useable with TruckersMP’s Multiplayer Mod.
You can enable this mod, buy whatever you need for your trailer, and disable the mod again and everything you bought still works.

Single Trailers:
2 Axles [B] B-Trailer
2 Axles Spread [B] B-Trailer
3 Axles [B] B-Trailer
3 Axles Steer [B] B-Trailer

3 Axle Standard trailer with rear hook

2 Axles [B] + 3 Axles Standard
2 Axles [B] + 3 Axles Spread
2 Axles [B] + 3 Axles Rear Wheel Steering
2 Axles [B] + 3 Axles Aero (Aero trailer does not support paintjobs, and does not allow for any customisation except wheels)

3 Axles [B] + 2 Axles Spread

3 Axles [B] + 3 Axles Rear Wheel Steering

2 Axles [B] + 2 Axles [B] + 3 Axles Standard
3 Axles [B] + 3 Axles [B] + 3 Axles Standard

B-Double + Drawbar Trailer:
3 Axles [B] + 3 Axles Standard + 2 Axles Spread Center Axle Trailer

All B-Double and Semi Trailer + Drawbar Trailer Doubles are available with flatbed options for the semi trailer ONLY. These are available as a body selection for the BOX trailers, NOT the flatbed.
These flatbed configurations have one flatbed trailer and one box trailer of your choice and transports flatbed loads only. Cargo is visible on the flatbed.

To use special accesories, select the point at the front trailer, select the accesory you want (for example rear beacon) and the REMOVE or replace the selected point again.
Otherwise, you will not be able to buy the trailer. This is a system based on Forerunner’s Additional Customisation Mod for trucks and works basically in the same way.

It is your own responsibility to follow the rules set by the TruckersMP team if using this mod in multiplayer.

You MAY NOT re-upload this mod ANYWHERE.



35 Responses to [MP] New Trailer Double Configurations (and more)

  1. iTzSplashed says:

    Yes, it is possible for MP, but it’ll be kinda hard. In my opinion these trailers are looking pretty ugly/unrealistic

    • Smaen says:

      Maybe actually take a look at the mod before you say it’s unrealistic? Because that’s just untrue. I added a bunch of new trailer double axle configuration that are all used in real life. SCS missed many that are much more common IRL than those they added.
      The flatbed combo thing is optional, and all combos can be used with standard boxes. Look at the mod before you complain, please.

  2. Verdi says:

    How do i instill this, not true the mod folder and then activate in-game?

  3. Asuska says:

    it’s not allowed in multiplayer.

    • Smaen says:

      The triple would not be allowed, correct. But the rest should be fine when the mod gets released for 1.32

  4. Forerunner says:

    Looks good, nice to see people improving and making use of the system AC uses. One thing though, the triples are certainly not allowed in multiplayer.

    • Smaen says:

      I am aware of the triples. Friends requested it, so I added it anyway. Can still be nice to use in SP.

  5. meow says:

    I know it says MP but can this mod be used for Singleplayer?

    • Smaen says:

      The mod is activated and used in singleplayer. So you buy and customise everything in singleplayer. Then, if you want (and when the MP mod is updated to 1.32), you can then load into MP and still have your “weird” trailers from my mod.
      So the mod is to be used in singleplayer, yes.

  6. JM says:

    can you make an video from it so we all can see how it is working

  7. TheGreenlightTrucker says:

    Flatbed with cooling system 😀
    But nice work.

    @iTzSplashed: The most of them combo’s aren’t unrealistic. It’s sometimes normal.

  8. JM says:

    so it is then possible to bring different cargo loads to different places in 1 route ??

  9. Pierre says:

    It’s not compatible with the v1.32 beta. Every time i buy a trailer i got force colse.

  10. HenriqueSantos says:

    I downloaded it right after the post. I tested it (offline) and it worked well here. I do not understand why other people make false comments. Many thanks for sharing your mod

  11. Vinnie says:

    Any1 with video test on it?

  12. JGaming HD says:

    Hd video 1.32…

  13. james says:


    • Smaen says:

      Please read the description before complaining.
      You need to remove that expensive part before buying. The part you wanted to buy stays, but the cost goes away.

      “To use special accesories, select the point at the front trailer, select the accesory you want (for example rear beacon) and the REMOVE or replace the selected point again.
      Otherwise, you will not be able to buy the trailer. This is a system based on Forerunner’s Additional Customisation Mod for trucks and works basically in the same way.”

    • Pierre says:

      The load/unload zone work for you with 3 trailers ?
      I can’t load, it’s too long ^^

  14. Tharmagon says:


    • Smaen says:

      I do not belive diggers are cargo for the flatbed, so I’m guessing you have a mod conflict there. Normal cargoes for the flatbed works, and shows up properly.

  15. Pierre says:

    Cool mod and work ! Thanks
    It’s bad with the 3 trailers i can’t load or unload (too long)

    • Smaen says:

      You can unload the triples in many locations, actually.
      Some places they fit, others they don’t. I suggest looking into the pickup and delivery area before actually getting your cargo, so you know if you fit or not.

  16. joey says:

    maybe a stupid question but where is the dowload button?

  17. Leo Patrick says:

    No SCS file inside 🙁

    • Dave says:

      .scs-files are archives. You can just use the zip-file the same way you’d install a scs-file (perhaps rename to [filename].scs) – that’s it.

      @Smaen – a great mod, thank you!

  18. Louis Conradie says:

    Hello.. Very NICE and appreciated MOD!!!
    All these EVERY day USE Realistic trailers in one SMALL mod.. Well Done.

    My request… only if possible..
    1) Your trailers everywhere NOT only up North.
    2) Can you make these trailers for ATS?
    You get them in USA England and South Africa too.

    • Dave says:

      The full gallery can be found here: http://dgb.sigsys.de/ets2/8trailer/ets2_dave.html

      I know it is a bit stupid – on the other side, I was pretty surprised to see, that apart from loading and unloading, you can actually quite reasonably (well – using all the space you can get) move this thing throughout Europe. Even the ferry transfer from Calais to Dover worked fine (Haven’t tried the tunnel yet).


    I got perm ban for this. The tripple one. :C :C :C :C :,C

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