MP3 Auto transporter


Version 1.9 – charge included file

– Gytis – Robertas14 – Rimuus – RockweLL – Da Do – Beniel – David –
Shery0 – UzoCan16 – others


7 thoughts on “MP3 Auto transporter

  1. tyrannix2342

    The idea for such a version of the Mercedes very cool, but the execution is shoddy.Poor optimization and drop FPS! While tuning crash game!

  2. Not working on 1.9.22

  3. respect for converting,everything is great except wheels 😀

  4. Esta vida loca

    is it the next try?

  5. Omar-Scania

    perfect exterior and trailer.No job in interior!!make this

  6. Krassen Panev

    Works on with some bugs on very low FPS. Pleasce check the FPS in next version. Truck and trailer is brutal. 🙂

  7. rubberduck

    Heavy System Hungry on and the FPS is very Low “Pffff” Is good Idea Sorry a have Reactivated.

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