Mud Flaps For Scania Trucks


The mud flaps for Scania trucks in the additional series (4×2, 4×4, 6×2, 6×6 6x2_4z, 8×4, 8x6_4 and others). The mud flaps were (width, height, position) adjusted accordingly in the respective position as a template was another mod (Bavette arrière, Scania, STIHOLT, BILER, ACM alias “Bavettes Scania by amines”) that according to the above-mentioned model series has been adjusted.

Author: mattmax


16 thoughts on “Mud Flaps For Scania Trucks

  1. Base by Amine.. Thanks..

    1. Not “S” ^^ sorry

  2. How do you activate the mud flaps can’t find it :S

  3. Freddy Jimmink

    Try by beacn or sidskrt righthandside,

    Thanks to leave it open, great work and pease make it for all trucks?


    Freddy Jimmink

  4. Right sidepipe??

  5. Not working on 8x6_4 :'(

  6. doesnt work on any truck.

    1. and you are sure that you dont have conflict??!!

  7. conflict????

  8. conflict yes, maybe some other mod block this one and it dont work on your game… but first do you remember edit your profile before playing? do you use right version of game? do you test this alone without other mods?

  9. tryed everything nothing works. have latest update and use not many mods

  10. removed all mods but mud flaps but still no joy,

  11. and you edit your profile??

  12. unselected all mods, selected mud flaps only started the game no joy

  13. ok maybe its then broke.. atleast it work when he take that pictures..Maybe you should use original Bavette arrière, Scania, STIHOLT, BILER, ACM alias “Bavettes Scania by amine mod, that work atleast me..

  14. Doesen’t work at 1.3.1.

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