Multi mod v1


this is my First Mod Still Testing it
tested on v1.4.1
What this mod Do
-7000XP for Parking
-5x more payment from AI drivers
-No Truck And Trailer Damage
-Sell Truck At 99% of its Cost
-very less Police Penalties Tickets
-Night Starts From 21:00-07:00
and some other that i dont remember

Author: nitinvaid


12 thoughts on “Multi mod v1

  1. But if i install it will it work???

  2. also will I have to male a new profile?

  3. Nice! ill try later 🙂

  4. so is your mod but you don’t remember what is in it? lol

  5. mě bohužel nefunguje

  6. hi, how i install this mod?

  7. super mod mais il y a des bug de prix de mission

  8. It works! I haven’t tested everything the mod does in my test profile though.

    1. Also, is this the same thing as the mod found here:

  9. A Procrastinator

    yolo swag

  10. Thank you for using mediafile, for the dl site, ive been having issues with every other site!

  11. I’ve tried a few mods like this and everything seems to work like the lower police fines etc. However the parking XP never never seems to work. Anyone know why?

    I’ve also tried opening the economy file and editing it personally to up the parking XP and it still only ever gives me 45 for parking the trailer.

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