Multi Traffic Mod light v 1.0


Assembled vehicles and mods:
– ETS2-141-Realistic AI traffic mod-ver-2-by-Scanreg
– vehicle_TDU
– Unladen trailer in traffic
– 2 BDF and an American Truck in Traffic
– Some Russian trucks
– C-class police
– Sprinter ambulance
– Ducato Police
– Sprint UPS, TNT, DHL, SDA, BRT
– Sprinter long
– Light of the vehicles changed (Heller)
– Adapted traffic to the countries

Credits :
kilroy, mAn-TrUcKeR/TSM-Team, Scanreg, Corni, Jazzycat,
valera_t, AlligatorSE, Scanreg, Georgegold CZ,Jennenz,
Uallace Moreira,apferreira truckman u.a.


12 thoughts on “Multi Traffic Mod light v 1.0

  1. MrEtsTrucker

    Is this mod compatibile with Multi Traffic Mod that you have uploaded recently , because I am using that one and I don’t want my game crushing now!!!


  2. very nice keep up, next version can add some firetruck cars in traffic

  3. sry but one small problem when can convert some old .pmg model that can improves format loading

    Model in old format detected – that comes a lot in the game log

  4. this is a light version of the multi traffic mod for does that have the crash issue, so if you don’t have crash problens don’t need to use this one.

    don’t use both together


    1. Very nice mod, did not slow down my not-so-fast computer at all. I have it together with i.e. TSM Map 4.1.1, Freevar trailer textures pack, Improved Weather 1.1 mod and few others and no problems whatsoever.

      1. After playing several hours today with this mod, I must point that the vehicles are not 100% divided countrywise. I was getting i.e. Russian ambulance in Poland, Polish ambulance (Sprinter) in Germany and Holland, German police C-class in Holland etc. I don’t know if that is possible to fix, but please do if it is. Also, there’s a small bug with the Eurolines coach – every time it makes a turn and turns on the indicator, actually all indicators are turned (flashing hazard lights). Apart from that – great mod! Thanks!

  5. maddison@tsm

    You’re welcome.. 😉

    1. maddison@tsm

      You also not must use this mod, if you don’t want to..

  6. gracias esta bueno este. para mejorar faltan agregar camiones de dos y tres ejes,

  7. I don’t have any issues with that site, if you have jus look away
    being patient is a virtue, at the end just good things come out :))

  8. si es posible que las luces de las sirenas de la policía y la ambulancia prendieron intermitentes

  9. work on 1.5.2 ?

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