Multiple AI Traffic v 1.1

Multiple AI Traffic-1 Multiple AI Traffic-2

Mod work on 1.18.x
Compatible with Original & TSM maps + DLC East & North
This mod will increase density Al traffic in game,careful when going cross the road because they can bump into your truck anytime but didn’t need to care who you are

Version 1.1:
– Fix errors cars disappear
– Add full sign
– Traffic jam in toll booth, more cars and truck than normal, maybe you should prepare one cup coffee when waiting come to your truck turn, just kidding

P/s: Please, show your respect by the way didn’t upload again my mod,if you’re want to share in another forum or blog then you’re can copy original link in this topic.

Author: Thalken


49 thoughts on “Multiple AI Traffic v 1.1

  1. Thanks Thalken for update! I test

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    just tested …
    is the same as this Traffic JAM Mod

    1. All traffic mod was the same,more car,more truck,jam traffic but in my mod add some activity,if you check deeper you will see.

      1. As always, excellent job, Thalken! Congratulations and a BIG thank you for your hard work and for sharing! I just came at home and I tested a little your new patch (this time no errors in log file!;) Congrats! )… In my opinion it’s better then Traffic Jam Mod and also your previous version, Thalken, because from beginning I had a new traffic situation, when suddenly a trucker cut my face without any signal, like in real life. We were both on speed lane and after many warnings from me to clear the speed lane, I decided to overtake him on the right side; when he “saw” me that I wanted to do this, he suddenly cut my face!:)… Lucky for me that I had a bad feeling about him and I avoided in last second to “push” him a little bit faster from behind!:)…
        So, I’ll looking forward for other new features of your new patch, Thalken. Till now, nobody had “guts” to break suddenly in front of me, but they’ll have time… :)… I’ll go to test more features of your new patch, with new Mercedes E63 mod (I changed it a little bit its physics, to made this car more stable). As I said before, I play this game only as a driving simulator and I drive only cars (Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 8 and Ford Raptor; same in real life, but different cars:); mea culpa!:) )… I played a little with buses mods (was interesting), but I like much more my cars.:)… That’s why I’m so interested in AI traffic mods (cars, trailers etc) and your mod, Thalken, bring this game more closer to real life traffic situations.
        Once again, thank you so much for this new patch, Thaken, and keep up the great and hard work! Keep in touch!

        P.S. What’s your new mod project?

        1. Thanks you Sunnoco. Because in v.1.0 has one big errors is cars disappear,then i did uploaded soon than intended this version for patch errors in gameplay,in new version i just add 2 features is Sign of you support and jam traffic in toll booth,has a little crazy in night if you use TSM and drive in Roma -> Napoli,them drive very very fast and press horn very noisy,i just test a little about this. Maybe in next version it will be complete and if nothing change i will add feature Cars and Truck stop with no reason ==> (They like then them stop =))) 😀

  3. works on promods? 🙂

    1. My mod is not supported with Promod,Maverick!

  4. TodoMundoLocko

    wow! Rush time! xD

  5. Nhocsocksd

    ###!!! Thanks you so much for sharing Thalken,i will test,because i love this mod very much

  6. Wow,i was test and traffic jam more than normal,i try drive carefully when going to intersection and bridge crossing but them not let me go crossing easy like i think @@ 10 Point for new update,so great.

  7. Mod upload in yesterday??? Are you kidding me? I has a big report for you Thalken, sometimes i forgot this is a game because it make me has some feeling like driving in real life,them make me angry because waiting,some not driving carefully,and make me funny because sometimes 2 cars or trucks not give together away. Let keep your morale on high like this because i want to see more things about your mods.

  8. Kyle Smith

    Does it work with Scandinavia DLC?

    1. +Like i said on top,my mod is working on all DLC Going To East(East) & Scandinavia(North)
      +Only NOT conformity with AA maps+Promod
      +Hope my information are useful for you Kyle Smith.

  9. Why is it not supported for Promods? i think more people have promods than TSM Map.

    1. because Promod has regime Al traffic different than my mod,i just make on TSM and some maps because it’s expand maps than Promod that’s my opinion.

  10. Why is it not available for Promods? i think more people have Promods than TSM.

  11. This is perfect mod thanks 🙂

  12. I love this mod

  13. Thank you Thalken. As I said before, GREAT mod! And, if you wanna make them (AI) to break more laws and be undisciplined drivers you can make a few more modifications in your mod:
    1. To make them to overtake you on double lines / single lines etc, just ad in def/world/ default ETS 2 “road.look.sii” (without quotes, of course) with a little modification inside of it:
    – add ONLY on EVERY or just on a FEW (after your own taste) of “Road 1 lane” (single, double, no center line, no lanes small, ground only, single no outer lanes, exit, double no outer lanes), between line “ai_speed_type” and “road_trans_style”, the following line:
    allow_wrong_way[]: “”
    So, your each or only a few Road 1 lanes we’ll show something like this:
    ai_speed_type: regular

    allow_wrong_way[]: “”
    road_trans_style: 0
    I have this on all “Road 1 lanes”, so like this they’ll become more undisciplined drivers.:)

    2. And if you want to make the more undisciplined and less patience (less time before they’ll start to yield at you, faster blinker to overtake you etc), you can ad also in your “traffic_data.sii” the default ETS 2 lines, from default “traffic_data.sii”, from line:
    # ai_patience_modifier: 0.0
    # ai_yield_timeout: (3.0, 5.0) # lower patience -> lower timeout,
    WITHOUT Obsolete attributes (otherwise you’ll have a warning in log file about those obsolete attributes! 😉 )…
    Then, just delete the “#” sign in front of each attributes (not from explanation text) and play with numbers from there (read the explanation text and just decrease / increase each number from each attribute). So, your new “traffic_data.sii” we’ll look inside something like this:

    traffic_data : {

    max_vehicle_count: 100000
    max_truck_count: 50000
    ai_safety_modifier: -0.6
    ai_patience_modifier: -3.0
    ai_horn_delay: (3.0, 5.0)
    ai_blink_delay: (-3.0, -6.0)
    ai_yield_max_speed: (22.0, 32.0)
    ai_yield_wait_time: (0.05, 0.07)
    ai_yield_timeout: (2.0, 7.0)
    This is just a tip. You can play with all these numbers and test in game the AI behavior. For me, those numbers are suitable (even if I want them to overtake me faster then they did now), but I don’t have patience to play with these numbers and test them, because I have an old laptop and the game load too slowly for my patience.
    So, Thalken, if you’ll have patience and time to make them to become more undisciplined drivers, I’ll be very grateful.
    A! I almost forgot! Your mod works perfect in 1.18 with DLC’s and following maps (all together and all last versions of each one): EAA 2.5 map, TSM 6.0, Russian Map, Baltic map, Korea map, Serpentine roads. 😉
    Take care of yourself Thalken and keep up the great and hard work, because as you can see you have at least a few fans of your mods: Soe, Nhocsocksd, Darklord and myself.

    1. Thank you Sunoco this support is very useful,i were add in my mod and still testing in gameplay. Maybe in next version has more fun,more crash,more pissed off because Al traffic drive carelessly and the important was more realistic

      P/s: As calculated then in next version will be 40 MB because i add 35-40 trailers in that 😀

      1. Your welcome Thalken and I can’t wait your next patches. ;)… Wow! 40 trailers! Very nice! I already enjoy your trailers pack mod! My humble suggestion it’s to keep trailers in a separate mod, to let players to enjoy only one of your mods or both of them. Like this you’ll “force” them to play with both in the same time, and, maybe, there are people, for instance, who hate to drive in rush hours :)… But, it’s just a suggestion, Thalken :)… With or without trailers inside I’ll enjoy every moment of your mods and I can’t wait your next patch.
        Take care, Thalken, have a great night and keep up the great and hard work.

  14. uh hum,maybe i forgot about that thing,some people did not like to waiting in gameplay but they like my trailers. Well !!! can be i will upload 2 mods (1 al traffic & 1 trailers) maybe that’s the best for all.

    P/s: A thing make me very surprise and happy is numbers download, right now is 3k download and thing worth mentioning is my patch just newly released in 2 days ago.

    One again thank you all so much !!!

    1. Wow,i love this mod and your trailers mod so much,because some trailers first times i see, it make game more abundance. big vote for new update, who agree with me???

    2. Nhocsocksd

      I agree big vote for Thalken about next patch update,i was buying steering wheel to play to feel full Thalken mod.

    1. Too danger…Too fast for Thalken….2 mods has v.1.2 that is great.

    2. I couldn’t saw those pictures, because they’re made for x64 version, but I suppose they look great. Some different trailers than your previous trailer pack? Anyway, I’ll just wait your new mod, Thaken. Keep up the great and hard work!
      Btw, with your mod works perfect also a very nice mod, “Realistic Traffic Light”, made by Josh (need a few modifications, especially for Scandinavia DLC, but I already wrote there about them; you can change them for your personal use – like this, Josh, will have entire credits for his great idea! But, it’s not hard to change and also I wrote there how to update for Scandinavia and how make, for instance, a “broken” traffic lights or a shorten time for traffic lights!;)…):
      With your mod and his mod we have a real life traffic situations. ;)…
      Also, you can use Jazzycat, Taina 95, alkonavt96 and B4RT great mods, to have a various traffic. 😉

      1. i agree,it make gameplay more realistic. I had upload new mod and hope you enjoy it,in this times not about traffic but about interiors 😀

  15. Working fine in 1.16.x but make my pc full memori (ram) . 1GB usage for ets2

    1. Yep, traffic mod always occupy Ram more than other mods,i has test your mod that’s great idea,like Sunnoco said if me or you can make some traffic light broken in one time certain that will make game more realistic.

      1. I like traffic light in UK. I never trun my head. Btw any other traffic can same with UK ? For broken traffic maybe you can do this

        1. uhm hum, i also hope can do it,maybe 2 or 3 next patch it will appear.

  16. caught in version 1.2.5?

    1. It working on version 1.17.x -> 1.18.x.

  17. Sunnoco, this is new Thalken mod i like this mod so much and you???

  18. Sorry guys for late answer, but I was too busy these days and I had no time to access internet. Thank you so much Soe for your information and GREAT job Thalken for you’ new mod. Very interesting! Before your mod, in my Jeep Cherokee SRT (modified by me for my own taste), I already could turn my head to see backwards when I drive in reverse mod. But now, with your mod, Thalken, I already go to sleep, when I’m tired from driving.:)… Which is awsome! Maybe you’ll succeed to make a mod to see the driver from passenger seat! I think it will be interesting also! ;)… Till then, keep up the great and hard work!

  19. plaguexx32

    I don’t see a scs file can you tell me please how to install this? do I copy the netire file over into mods

    1. Download without not use IDM tools bro.

    2. IDM tools always make files .scs become .zip, you need to download with original style not use IDM,that’s easy way to fix

  20. BattleHalo

    Hi, I still didn’t try the mod, but are there jams at eurotunnel ? If not, would be great if you could add it ! 🙂

    btw the mods looks great by the videos I watched 🙂

  21. If i understand exactly,you want to less traffic in euro tunnel for decrease jam??? And thanks for your advice in next version 1.2 i will upload mod and video 😀

  22. gooood idea!!!
    can someone pleas give me a tutorial how to download this mod?!

    1. No problem bro 😀 here a guide for download

    1. Yeah, in next version 1.2 it will more things like this,in new mod Mercedes Sprinter i was play with v.1.2 check it on my video 😀

      1. How long you will release next version Thalken???

  23. Compatible with AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat?

    1. My mod work 100% perfect with all jazzycat mod.

      1. OK Thank you guy 😉

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