My version of the Skoda MPT V.4

Fixed and fully adapted to version 1.46. Everything works properly
Deleted files now unnecessary
Rebuilding the speed limit for the exclusive version. It is now independent of gps, and does not mark the black square that in the old boundary contrasted with the display of the on-board computer.
Custom tablet as an accessory
Two custom gps for standard and exclusive versions. Each has three screens that faithfully reproduce the gps of real superb skodas. The same realism applies to the succession of different screens.
Two different types of rear spoilers as accessories

Fixed all errors and malfunctions
Fully animated (added animations in windows, gear lever, windows buttons, gps, accelerator pedals, brake and clutch, low air pressure)
Multiple cabin accessory brackets. Wide variety of objects.
Two on-board computers, one for the standard version and one for the exclusive version. Both computers have all the functions that allows the support of the game
Two types of dashboard lights (standard and exclusive)
Realistic specifications (weight, consumption, air pressure, battery voltage…)
Real skoda logos
Added 2.0 Tsi engine
Adapted the weight of the caravan to keep it from trembling at high speeds
Double exhaust outlet (4 tubes) as optional accessory

Game.log totally clean. No errors or warnings
It works smoothly on any type of computer

Truckers MP, Edsor


12 thoughts on “My version of the Skoda MPT V.4

  1. Hello

    You did an incredible work on this old boy. Thank you for this great mod.

    The only downside in my opinion are the window reflections….that’s too much.

    Great work, well done.


  2. Thank you. I will keep that in mind for the next version.

  3. The mod is great, but can you change the green logo on skoda with the silver one, please?

  4. please can you add an option of the new silver skoda logo? thanks!

  5. lütfen 2022 Caddy ya da 2022 riftır yapabilirmisin
    308 de olur

  6. Bro the accelerating is not accurate the car is too slow for 160, 170hp as well as 200hp its not possible to reach only 170kmh. 9/10 mod

  7. And one more issue the fuel tanker in the real life is around 60 liters but in game 60 liters are not enough for nothing.

    1. Tricolore

      I agree, i had to increase the fuel tank size because of this. Other than that, the mod is great.

      Extract car scs file>openfolder>def>

      edit the line called “tank_size” and change the tank size. you can do any number, even like 50000, it will give 100000 km of driving without filling.

      1. thanks

  8. Tricolore

    Love this mod, its my favorite car mod for ETS 2. My only issue is theres no turn signal noise. Also is it possible for this to be compatible with SISL accessory mega pack?

  9. Tricolore

    Please add option to change skoda logo to volkswagen

    1. but why thats the dumbest request ive ever heard..

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