My version of the Skoda MPT

For several years I have been working on the Skoda MPTruckers on my own, updating it and correcting bugs. I also added new features and enhancements, including:


Buttons windows
Shift lever
Brake, accelerator and clutch pedals (the clutch works with the engine brake)

Two on-board computers, one for the standard version and one for the exclusive version. Both computers are developed taking full advantage of all the possibilities of the support.
Two gps (standard and exclusive version)
Two types of dashboard lights (standard and exclusive)
Multiple object holders
Realistic specifications (weight, consumption, air pressure, battery voltage…)
Adapted the weight of the caravan to keep it from trembling at high speeds

And of course:

It works smoothly on any type of computer
Updated for version 1.44
No errors on the game.log

I’ve decided to share it now. Hope you like it.

MPTruckers, Edsor


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15 thoughts on “My version of the Skoda MPT

  1. the gauges didn t work

    1. What gauges are you referring to? Because they work perfectly for me, whether it is the speedometer such as the rev counter, the fuel gauge and the water temperature.

  2. Paul Ionescu

    1.8tsi and 2.0tdi top speed not realistic
    2.0tsi fuel consumption too high

  3. Thank you. I will correct it in the next version

  4. Samuel Holyman

    thanks bro finally a car mod that works and has the option of right hand drive

    1. Thank you. The only thing that, at least for the moment, the english version does not have is the animation of the pedals. It will be for later.

      1. RHD version also dosen’t wipe anything off the windshield

  5. The navigation map is showing wrong icons for example gas station shows in the other side of the road also if you are in center of a city on navigation map inside car showing in random places but for sure not where they are should be. Besides great mod i love the digital speed display i missed it in others mods 🙂

    1. You are right. I hadn’t noticed. In the modified gps the icons move and change position as the vehicle advances. I will try to correct it.

      1. I have already fixed the problem. You only need to make a small modification to the ui/gps cutre.sii file.
        In ui_map : _nameless._.escena { change the line:
        coordinates t: 300
        coordinates t: 350.
        However, it will be fixed in the next release. Thank you for letting me know.

  6. the gearstick isnt animated on exclusive interior

    1. meant to say that on steering wheel with h shifter it isnt animated and also even if you have a 3 pedal setup (clutch,brake,gas) the clutch doesnt move

  7. The gear lever animation only works in automatic mode. This is a limitation of ets2. I wish it could be animated in manual mode.
    The clutch animation works with the engine brake. You need to have it activated.

  8. very small capacity on fuel can you up it to reach of 1200km? please ty

    1. The fuel tank capacity is 66 liters, as in the real car, combined with realistic fuel economy. But it can be easily modified. Within the standard.sii file (path def/vehicle/truck/skoda.superb/chassis/standard.sii) in the tank size line you can modify the fuel capacity.

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