NEFAZ 9334 Trailers Pack ETS2 v1.41.+

Pack of NEFAZ-9334 trailers for ETS 2 version 1.41 and higher!

Recent changes:
Fully autonomous trailers, sold in the dealer of modifications – NEFAZ.:)
Fixed all bugs and errors of previous versions of NEFAZ trailers! .:)
Removed the mirror that was reflected on the curtain trailers.:) In reality, there is not!!!
Added new fixed tires and KAMAZ wheels for highway trailers.:)
Added Kraz highway tires for highway trailers.:)
Added a dirty version of tires for off-road trailers.:) + dirty spare tire:)
The trailer pack is fully optimized and will work safely on the new version of ETS 2 and higher.:)
The log is 100% clean!.:)

ATTENTION: To load the on board NEFAZ-9334 required only bricks, roof tiles, organic substrates,
various fertilizers and big bags, otherwise the board of NEFAZ-9334 will be empty!

Test on ETS2 version: s

Adaptation to the new versions of ETS 2: MaxX_Agent.



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