New Map Sitinjau Lauik V5 – ETS2 1.36 to 1.40 and 1.41

The Sitinjau Lauik V5 map has been completed and officially released. Built and running on ETS2 V 1.36, can also run on ETS2 v 1.37 to 1.41.

Updates for V5 include:
1. Addition of 4 cities, namely Lubuk Basung, Pariaman, Alahan Panjang, and Bayang, including the addition of the phenomenal path of Kelok 44
2. Re-work the terrain texture of the Anai Valley to Sicincin path
3. Re-work the Silaiang Bawah area in Padang Panjang
4. Fixed some bugs in Map Sireview Lauik V4
5. Added and fixed some details

DLC Needed:
DLC France
DLC Italy
DLC North
DLC East

Pria Kurniawan


4 thoughts on “New Map Sitinjau Lauik V5 – ETS2 1.36 to 1.40 and 1.41

  1. Please Use Sitinjau Fix scs File for ETS2 1.40 and 1.41
    File Link In Above Video Description.

    1. Can you make the car move right?

  2. Lamtorogame

    Please put the map original link in your post!


  3. grex421972

    Hello this map is not working for me game loads but when the map comes up the game just crashes and goes back to desktop please help

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