Neon Lights for Semi Trucks

neon lights for semi trucks
Worket for all truck
There are different colored lights tested 1.28



4 thoughts on “Neon Lights for Semi Trucks


  2. adi2003de

    maybe i am dumb .. but there is no definition for ivecos .. there is no definition for the new actros ..

    there is no vehicle modell folder for the new Actros .. no for the new stralis ..

    It looks like a very very old mod … i think you steal again ..

  3. @adi2003de
    The Mod is from 2013 until 2014, so also old Stuff as the Rims from him…
    And you certainly not a Dumb, you are right.

  4. ja viedeo wer nett und wen der funktzioniert wer noch besser:D

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