Neon Mod v 5.0

Neon Mod

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Neon Mod for all versions

Police lights, Neons, Changeable fog and cab lights, and new warning lights

Author: FurkanSevke


9 Responses to Neon Mod v 5.0

  1. Melichov_SU says:

    Detailed video report:

    HD Video “EuroTruckSimMod 2015”

    • FurkanSevke says:

      i dont want detailed vidfeo. my video enough

      • Nico says:

        Everybody is free to add their videos, don’t be a moron. Admins decide on this website, not you.

        • FurkanSevke says:

          its mein mod #####. not yours or site. my video or not:) i can remove my mod it isnt problem đŸ™‚

          • truckerbob says:

            stop acting a little baby you sit there and make a mod then bitch when ppl do a video god there are plenty more folk out here who can make this #### arse mod you are not a ####### god you are a selfish little twat. stop sniffing your own farts and make this for the players, not some selfish twat act to make your dick feel bigger

          • Markoz says:

            How do neon lights and cockpit lights work?

  2. Sobies79 says:

    It looks nice…
    What is the Password for scs file??
    I want to copy files from it into other mod & try if it works as well as in two parts…

  3. Kiwi says:

    So the files been removed???

  4. Faiz Aditya says:

    This light are on but,there is nothing neon effect light under the that can happen ?

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