Neon MOD v3 (1.10.x and all versions)


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Two type neon. stick and transparent. both of them light up the ground.

if you place the neons to truck top you can use like cabin light.

and finally police lights ­čÖé



17 thoughts on “Neon MOD v3 (1.10.x and all versions)

  1. Are you intimidating the AI by truckers using police flashing lights to break the LAW? Sneaky !!!

  2. Mod J├║nior

    The link of the version is incorrect, all showing v. 2.0

  3. furkansevke

    i am the author. you know better than me ? that is the neonmod v3.

    1. LionBuster

      File: NeonMODv2-Sevke.scs [7.0 MB]

      Neon Mod V2 ;/

      1. Faelandaea

        Correct. It is indeed version 2. File names don’t lie. ­čÖé

        1. Faelandaea

          Nevermind. Scratch that. Author posted below what happened with the filenames. So many re-uploads to this site nowadays it is hard to be sure.

    1. furkansevke

      yes that is the original video

  4. furkansevke

    i was upload wrongly. because mod parts are neonmodv2 but version is v3. because it is for 1.10.x

    1. Faelandaea

      Ah okay. Well, that makes sense. I’ll give this one a try. ­čÖé

  5. what about the right link???
    Neon mod 3 ????

  6. rar ┼čifre ?

  7. The Awesome Pie GamerGroup

    winrar asks for encrypted file password

  8. The Awesome Pie GamerGroup

    winrar asks for encrypted file password

  9. monix 1012

    como puedo prender las luces neon

  10. furkansevke bmw x6 araba modu uyumsuz diyor ?

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