Neoplan Starliner and TourlinerV3


Neoplan Starliner and Tourlinerv3+ sounds + bus physics + interiors + wheels

Rar pass : “FurkanSevke”

Author: FurkanSevke


20 thoughts on “Neoplan Starliner and TourlinerV3

  1. be simple

    Very Easy Mods. No Animations and more 😛

    1. furkansevke

      I am not pro too you 😀

  2. audiquattros1

    add on or replacer?

  3. ### its bus simulator make ia instead or remove it

  4. Sarkissian

    Replaces the MAN TGX and Volvo FH16.

  5. it is still encrypted need password to open it

  6. it is still encrypted need password to process rar file

  7. Just use: FurkanSevke [without the quote marks]

  8. furkansevke

    Thanks for bad comments.

  9. is it same leave it without password if you tell it anyway??!!

  10. how to use it??

  11. how can i use this mod ?

  12. nice mod..:D

    work @ 1.2.5 ??

  13. how do I use it? all mod put in the mod folder?

  14. password????

    1. FurkanSevke i think

  15. Which code, thanks in advance

  16. Hello MR Furkan Sevke, your mod it’s very nice. but i have problem, i can’t create new skin or livery for this bus. please give me for template. thank you befor it.

  17. i am not finding this bus. mod is activated but bus is not available???

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