New Actros Extra Fuel & Stability

Extra Fuel & Stability (2) Extra Fuel & Stability (1)

This mode increases the volume of the fuel tank all the chassis.
From 800 liters to 1600 liters and 1400 and 1500 for various different chassis.
This mode also increases vehicle stability.
Can more quickly follow the winding road.
Made in Iran

Author: nima1371


2 Responses to New Actros Extra Fuel & Stability

  1. Gigel says:

    hello ! could you make something similar for Volvo Fh16 2012 edition that one with 750 hp? thanks !

  2. José Lauro says:

    Hello, I would like your help, I increased the volume of the tank of my truck editing an existing mod, but when I consume 1400 liters the truck enters torque limiter mode, causing him to walk more slowly. How do I take it?

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