New Cabins for Man TGX without spoiler v2


This mod add new cabins without spoiler for Man TGX.
Version Final, some bugs fix!

Please Keep The Download Link!!!

Author: Erick Araujo


3 thoughts on “New Cabins for Man TGX without spoiler v2

  1. I really love the idea! But unfortunately the cabin’s position is too high and the wipers are missing in the external view. Also the spoiler’s shadows could be removed… Anyway, that is what I am looking for!

    Could you maybe add an XLX version with roof spoiler and side flaps? Would be great! 😀

    1. I have to correct myself, after removing another MAN-Mod (I guess it was some lighttuning?) the cab’s position is perfect 😀 But the whipers still are missing… 😉

  2. hi can you please fix it for update 1.15 please?!

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