New chassis 6×2 for some trucks


This mod add new chassis 6×2 for Scania, Man, Volvo, DAF and Iveco.
Please keep this download link!!! 😀

Author: Erick Araujo


12 thoughts on “New chassis 6×2 for some trucks

  1. good job erick – thats what we need

    Iveco DAF MAN chassis 6×2 works fine

    Scania and Volvo wrong position wheels/rim/tyre as 6×4

    1. Restart the game for Scania and Volvo 😉

      1. Erick Araujo

        Thx baba, do what the Rene6442 said 😉

  2. very nice work
    but i find these chassis for a truck very ####
    nothing against the modder but against the chassis 😉

    1. Erick Araujo

      Thanks Man 🙂

      hahaha, i like the style but i preffer one 4×2 ^-^

  3. Nice work, cleanly implemented too.

    One tip though, Zmodeler is a bit buggy when it comes to importing materials. For example, compare the centre of the headlights on the default 4×2 Iveco to your new chassis – they’re tinted. To fix this, either find the original .mat file in the automat folder and replace the contents of truck_4_glass_ex.mat with it, or use a tool like PMG Converter 0.2b to make your .pmd point to the original .mat file directly. In this case, Zmodeler has blanked the tint values in the .mat file, but it seems to damage the specularity values for everything too.

    1. Erick Araujo

      Thanks man, I did not know that, I’ll take a look 😀

    2. Erick Araujo

      Hey anon, thanks again, now fix this error of the masks of lanterns ;)))) in the next version, it will be right 😀

      1. No problem, I noticed it in several chassis mods and decided to figure out what the cause was. Thank you for making the mod in the first place. 🙂

        1. Erick Araujo

          Hahaha, stay tuned to the V2 is coming with new chassis to Magnum and Premium and corrected some errors like these 😉

  4. how can I see it in game mods. they’re going to be in concecionatias and streets?

  5. password to change chassic?

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