New Concept Route Advisor Mod Collection v 2.0

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New Concept Route Advisor Mod Collection v2.0 by Hemil : 2014-05-17

Usage : single monitor, dual monitor, tripple monitor


Ⅰ. Compatible [ETS2 v1.3.1 ~ v1.9.x ]
Ⅱ. F1 tutorial deletion, Readability improvement
Ⅲ. Added [Black Background(BB), Clear Background(CB) Option]
Ⅳ. Added [No Frame(NF), With Frame(WF) Option]
Ⅴ. Final Optimization, Applied [New Frame], Code Arrangement
Ⅵ. F5 : (NF_BB, NF_CB, WF_BB, WF_CB Option)
Ⅶ. F6, F7, F8 : (Only WF_BB : For Readability improvement)
Ⅷ. F2 Mirror Mod Combination
Ⅸ. 4 Mods [(NF_BB 1 Mods) + (NF_CB 1 Mods) + (WF_BB 1 Mods) + (WF_CB
1 Mods)]

※ NC : New Concept

01. zzzzzzzzzz_NC_Route Advisor_NF_BB_Right Bottom_Left
02. zzzzzzzzzz_NC_Route Advisor_NF_CB_Right Bottom_Left
03. zzzzzzzzzz_NC_Route Advisor_WF_BB_Right Bottom_Left
04. zzzzzzzzzz_NC_Route Advisor_WF_CB_Right Bottom_Left

Author: Hemil


4 thoughts on “New Concept Route Advisor Mod Collection v 2.0

  1. verygood

  2. -updated New Concept Route Advisor Mod Collection v3.0 by Hemil : 2014-05-18

  3. remingtonh

    Mr. Hemil… This is fantastic!! I play and stream with triple screens and this is a god-send. Thank you!!

  4. -updated New Concept Route Advisor Mod Collection v4.0 by Hemil : 2014-05-19

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