New design map V2


Added symbols of some countries.
Clearer boundaries between countries.
The new design icon on the map.
Colored icons boost sales of trucks and vans.
Added new ports.
The new design navigation.
And other items.



12 thoughts on “New design map V2

  1. Could you only post this map design i really like transparent look

  2. plz make only transparent map without any other stuff would really like that

    1. send me email or gmail
      I send to you with your request.

      1. your email nima1371 if so i will send it to you

      2. gmail not email

          1. ok i send it to you name (swordfi) and email

  3. dnblistener

    does not work this map. does anyone know why? works only the background with flags :/

    1. work in V1.21

      1. dnblistener

        Yes I have V1.21 but ain’t this extra roads and cities

        1. have you got both map DLC?

  4. Terrible313

    Belgim have no simbol only tree color flag, the lion belong to flanders

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