New Economy mod v 1.0.3


After launching my first version of this new economy mod, where you get a more realistic price for the cargo, it has been tested by the community. BUT: there was a bit of a problem with hired drivers. If hired drivers return it would cost you a lot of money.

With this new updated version you dont have to be afraid that the hired drivers would cost you (extra) money. You pay them their salary and afterwards it is still profitable.

Thanks for testing it thoroughly Pieter!

Author: Priester


10 Responses to New Economy mod v 1.0.3

  1. taylor says:

    Why would I use this mod when it show’s you get less payment than before.
    The idea of the game is to try to get ahead not to get paid less.

  2. Chickenlights&chrome says:

    taylor–geez the explanation is right with the description try reading.
    You don’t like it don’t use it, pretty simple eh!

  3. sliipais says:

    Good mod ! Need to concentrate all the time , if we want earn some money . Mod not for fun , but for hardcore players .

  4. johnj says:

    hi priester,very interest and hard your mod like real life,i like it…the last uptade 1.0.3 don’t work together with your other mod ”European Central Bank Mod”…when i put the new economy 1.0.3 returns the bank loans at the original economy..
    can you fix it.

  5. Ficfic says:

    Your mod is very realist, can I use it with your agreement in my future mod More realistic? I give credits.

  6. Kocyk says:

    1) It doesn’t work with Promods 1.91 + RusMap 1.4.8
    2) When I started new game with only this mod I had a lot of contracts with minus cash.

  7. zeller says:

    awesome mod, i use it together with the central bank one.

    but….repairs to truck, upgrades, fuel, fines….all cost waaaaaay too much now :P. is that intended or should the mod reduce those aswell?…because if it should, it doesn’t work.

    (if it doesn’t reduce those i found real gas price and fine mod. only expensive ones are the repairs and new trucks/parts)

  8. zeller says:

    I just discovered that I have a lot of cargoes with negative amount of money…. like…. -450 which is -2.56/distance….. i completed one of these hoping it’s just a visual error but it’s not….it gave me 0 money….

  9. Dan says:

    i cant get the bank mod to work with this mod on does anyone know who to ?

  10. Rodrigo Mendes says:

    Where’s the tutorial for this particular mod? DEF? What is this folder? Where to put these files?

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