New Engines for all Trucks v 2.0


Mod adds 800 hp and 1000 hp engines for all Trucks except Renault Trucks

Author: renaulthater


16 Responses to New Engines for all Trucks v 2.0

  1. Nick says:

    Pity but also this mod does not work on the Scania Longline T which comes from GT-MIKE

    • renaulthater says:

      If you want I can make it if I get his permission.

      • Nick says:

        The maximum motor for the Scania Longline T is 730HP, given the large of the truck and the trailer behind it would be for this an engine of about 900/930hp are very suitable.

        How I should get permission of the GT-mike is me not entirely known. But you have there permission to it than, everyone is free to choose what he wants to have in his truck, or is it because this is built by GT-mike

  2. rush_man says:

    Are you racist lol !?!! U don’t like renault LOL ?!

    Just kidding 😉

    • renaulthater says:

      I have already made another version and added this engines to Renault trucks. Its personal preference what trucks you like and dislike.

  3. PallMall says:

    forget this #### and wait

    every day an update with new engine and gear updates

    – v1.93…and now v1.94

    • renaulthater says:

      Yes I know that. I have the game on steam and im on public beta (1.9.4) and I will test my mod in all beta versions to see if its working I have also said that in the read me file. I was gonna wait for the official 1.9 release but I changed my mind.

  4. RacingFede says:

    How to fix Scania Streamline R580 E6 engine?
    It has 580 hp and NOT 560!

    • renaulthater says:

      its already fixed. I have 1.9.5 public beta and it says 580

  5. carsten says:

    another unreal mod for kids

    • TruckSimFan says:

      There are real life 1260hp and 2000hp engines with around 5,200+ torque.

      Granted, 10,000 torque is unrealistic, but higher powered engines do exist in the trucking world, so it’s just a matter of finding the realistic high-end engine mods, or make your own.

      • renaulthater says:

        The mod includes a 1000hp engine with 10.000 nm of torque and a smaller engine 800hp with 5.000 nm of torque. This is why I made the 800hp because the first one is too much.

  6. Srdjan says:

    Why not make a badge for engines on the body, you could also create up to 1,000 HP with badges since remained above is unrealistic and silly and stupid to drive a truck for better play formula

    • renaulthater says:

      I might create in future versions but I need to know how to use the blender tools first.

  7. crmh says:

    hi,plaese change upload senter
    becuase in iran this uploadsenter is filter and we cannot use it.

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