New Icons In The Menu


New icons in the menu and map.



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  1. CrysS8 says:

    ciprriano, TlesGames!

    • Theosz says:

      yes. original creator is missing to correct credits…

      and what was improved?

      The same error persist: the driver’s icon in garage manager is truck, not a person icon.

      • CrysS8 says:

        Update version 1.19.
        Look in this picture:

        • Theosz says:

          I have the original mod and take screenshots. I don’t see difference.

          I think is important, at least, keep the correct credits.

          It is because of this many modders gave up publish mods and worse: show PrivatE mods their … all the community ETS2 loses.

          TlesGames, como outro um brasileiro lhe peço:
          – mantenha os créditos originais.
          – Não suje ainda mais nossa reputação frente aos europeus.
          – não seja mais um típico brasileiro.

          você já fez bons mods. não há porque se sujar.

          • Theosz says:

            Desculpe TlesGames, era só deixar os créditos também na descrição do site.

            Foi mal

            In mod_description.txt: via info(i) in mod manager

            original mod by Ciprriano. Edited by TlesGames

  2. nmgsyp says:

    nice mod , i like it : D

  3. Marecki says:

    Awesome idea, thanks for the share 🙂

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