New MAPA BR BRASIL 1.0 – ETS2 1.43

This map is a large extension of North Brazil Map.
Now the author of the map includes the southern part of Brazil with 300 cities.
Yes, 300 new cities.
So now the map has both northern and southern parts,
hence the name of the map
Convert a North Brazil to MAPA BR BRAZIL 1.0.

Reinaldo Souza


6 thoughts on “New MAPA BR BRASIL 1.0 – ETS2 1.43

  1. Can this map be used without north?

  2. Onde eu mudo da Europa para o Brasil?

  3. How do I change from Europe to Brasil?

  4. Malamene, this map is independent.

  5. the game closes as soon as i choose sanpaolo, i have all the dlc these needed for the game

  6. The game crashes as soon as I choose Sao Paulo the map does not work properly

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