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Modification, the following five types of the three versions of illuminated signs on the cowl with the possibility to add custom graphics even for a layman, it has definitions for all cars scs-in and a couple of the most popular (Daf XF and Scania R to 50k, Scania 4, Scania V8, Scania R 2008, Scania T, MB Actros 20011, FSC Star 200, 389 Peterbilt, Kenworth T660, Mercedes Benz 1632, Ng, 1853 Mercedes tandem) and all by MTP.

Author: Moders-Team-Poland


12 thoughts on “New Name Plate

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    test Video on Version 1.13.3

  2. Does This Work On v1.14.x?

    1. May you should test it yourself 😉

  3. bhaveshh97

    how did u changed from day to night inststantly???

    1. jackkaye01

      Through the magic of video editing

  4. What about DAF Euro 6???Does work on DAF E6?

    1. Nope, if you look in the def folder of the mod you will see that there is no directory for the new DAF. But this is easy fixing, mod is open.

      1. Does you know how make to work on daf euro 6?If you know please tell me

  5. Ok here is it i made same mod for DAF Euro 6 but without other trucks only for DAF Euro 6 tested on 1.14.09 and working perfect


    1. Good, you find it out by yourself 😉 Then I must not explain it 😉

  6. Warum kann man den Namen nicht ändern?

  7. thx for sharing

    using ETS2 v1.15.1.s the plates are entire in black, so I can’t see what I write – my name.

    I’m tested using only this mod.

    same to extra plate illuminated mod

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