New Navigator Background

New Navigator Background (1) New Navigator Background (2)

This modification adds to the game a new look for the Navigator.

Author: romariokz


10 thoughts on “New Navigator Background

  1. Please share dashboard ?

  2. ojciecmajster

    This interior ist very nice. Can i please download link? Thx

  3. video preview would be nice?

    1. why would it be nice with a video preview when there is 2 good screenshots in the presentation?

  4. romariokz

    I have this interior did himself for RJL Scania,so if you use another truck not sure it will work.

  5. Backlighting is too strong so that the image on the screen glare and not too legible.
    Reduce the brightness and sharpness of the image and turn it will be just fine.

  6. leejinwoo

    hey man i’m leeper nice die! die! die! overwath friends [email protected] nickname 곰곰치

  7. leejinwoo


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