NEW Overtaking ALLOWED V1.23 – UPDATE


NEW Overtaking ALLOWED V1.23
– Now Compatible with 1.23 version game
– Fixing all Errors and Bugs
– Compatible with all DLC
– Now Compatible with ProMods

Work Perfect!!
Tested: 1.23x, 1.22x, 1.21x, 1.20x

Created by: Samo MODS (2016)



7 thoughts on “NEW Overtaking ALLOWED V1.23 – UPDATE

  1. 1.23 crash…

    1. Off all mods. And activate Overtaking Allowed Mod!

      1. We’re not going to disable all of our mods just to use your’s, if it’s not compatible with anything, then thanks but no thanks.

  2. driver688

    if you want share your mod, why you use a PASSWORD ???

  3. SheldoorHEI

    hallo Samo i tryed too use your mod with pro mods but every time i start the profle it crashes what is the problem??

  4. 00:38:30.095 : [unit] The file ‘/def/world/road_look.sii’ does not contain serialised units – missing magic mark.
    00:38:30.095 : load_filtered_unit_array() – Failed to load units from file (/def/world/road_look.sii)

  5. This mod doesn’t work with ProMods 202 + RusMap

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