New Police Mod


This mod changes police_data:

[100%] [2200] car crash
[100%] [2200] avoid sleeping
[ 80%] [350] wrong way
[ 5%] [50000] speeding (camera)
[100%] [350] no lights during night
[ 60%] [2200] red lights
[ 0%] [550] speeding (# It’s default. Must keep 0%.)

Author: KMNO2496


3 thoughts on “New Police Mod

  1. Are you ####### kidding me??
    50000 for speeding?!

    1. ScaniaFan89

      Looks like another pointless mod, people that download things like this are ######!

  2. hi,
    I violated Sleep Time and got a Ticket, but I got the Ticket all the time nonstop, when I found a place to sleep I was already 18 Million Euro minus. I play with pro mod 2 and rus map 1.6, please fix this bug. Thank you

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