New position in the mask Volvo FH2012




11 thoughts on “New position in the mask Volvo FH2012

  1. Joey Boerenkamp

    Very cool. Can you make this for a Daf too? And maybe a point to attach a mudflap or something? That would be nice.

  2. TruckerZer0

    In fact the new FH was presented in september 2012. so, what’s the problem?

    1. Yea truckerZer0 is right, but these models ain,t called volvo fh2012. The fh tells what engine it is, like a fh16. Fh16 is a 16 L engine. 🙂

      1. TruckerZer0

        For the badge i agree with you, an i really like the big 16L V8 Volvo!:) But i still see many people that think that the actual FH model was born in 2013, i mean as the entire truck, and they call it FH 2013, but simply it isn’t so.

        1. Yes, volvo names their trucks aftet engine type and cabin type. It is wrong to say volvo fh2012 or fh2013 Because it is not a 2012/13 Liter engine. Its only the year of the model was built 🙂

  3. TruckerZer0

    Hi hi! I’d like a 2013 Liters engine on my truck! I think that a engine like that can reverse the rotation of the Earth…

    1. Hahaha, u said it:P

  4. petr.voltr

    I do not understand what that you do?
    SCS indicates this truck in 2012.
    Therefore, I calls it the same year.

  5. Peťo, ale to by tu někdo nejdříve přemýšlet 🙂 ..

  6. Can you please stop using ###### download sites?

    1. petr.voltr

      I have an account on, if you have a problem with it, you’re out of luck

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