New road HD by Over Game v.2.0


Version 2.0 the pack of textures, 25 textures asphalt HD.

What’s new?
– Added some more textures
– Some textures remade, I refined to be more beautiful
– Added block of texture in the courtyards of businesses
– Added white line to replace the yellow

The pack comes with two files. One for those who prefer yellow lines and another for those who prefer white lines. Use only one

Please inform the files with errors or that do not get good so I can fix in a future release

Modify the will of my files, I ask only to inform me so I can also enjoy the work

I recommend high priority

tested 1.25.x
credits: SCS, kimsign, Game Over

Game Over


14 thoughts on “New road HD by Over Game v.2.0

  1. Francesco

    wow perfect and thank you for having replaced the lines yellow to white 🙂

    1. Over game

      I changed thanks to your suggestion.

  2. oh no the yellows gone 🙂

    well no worries, I get used to it, thanks for this update, looking forward to test it !!

  3. wrote that before I opened the file… what a service !

    Choosing the yellow version 🙂

  4. Finally, road mod. More updates please 🙂

    1. Over game

      working on them

  5. graphicmod

    does it work with promods 2.1?
    please show video too

    1. Over game

      Man, not tested on another map than the original. So can not say if it works in promods 2.1 someone could test and inform the friend.
      As for the video I will owe very busy. If anyone can post a video link thank you. You can help other users

    2. My game crashed while loading with Promods V2.11, but it could be another mod that’s causing the problem, I use a lot of mods.
      When I disabled a few mods (don’t remember which ones) including this one everything is worked and there were no crashes.

      1. It works very good with ProMods 2.11 + RusMap 1,63 + PJIndio

        I put him with very high Priority, BEFORE all Maps and after SummerMod from Grimes.

        I think, it´s another Mod. 😉

        1. Okay, thanks I’ll try again. I’ll put it above all mods, I use also a weather mod by Grimes, but the early autumn one. I also use a graphics mod so I’ll put it above it as well.

      2. Over game

        Ever happened to me. She tried to put this mod for high priority? Always let him second in line after the physical mod

  6. Can you make the lanes narrower? I think the lanes are in the game too wide.

  7. It works in. 1.24 v?

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