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Nikola Kostovski


32 thoughts on “New Service

  1. Gustav ...

    I am very lucky to be Niko, great work, Congratulations!!

  2. This is wonderful! I enjoy all of your mods, keep up the good work!

  3. MAKE IT HARDER. It’s good mod but make it hard to go on that ramp. for example: put some trailer or trucks on the ramp. and bit longer….hope this for next version

    1. K.K1nG are you for real MAKE IT HARDER. It’s good mod but make it hard to go on that ramp example: put some trailer or trucks on ramp what odds will that make its a ###### repair garage not a show room get a grip will you and a life

  4. 1.7.0 ?

  5. I’ve did a video for this mod 🙂

    1. Thank you Edd,Nice Video.

  6. IGGEntertainment

    Great Job! Do you think you could possibly work on a mod such as this one? Great Job!

      1. IGGEntertainment


  7. Hi Nikola, are you going to ever finish your “GIGA LINER and Double Trailers” mod or was it a hoax like everyone believes?

    1. I think he found out it is impossible to do it in this game

    2. And they need to believe,because its reality and soon I will make a video steering with Giga Liner,and next time don’t post question about other mods at other mods link..

      1. Sorry Nikola, I would’ve joined SCS forum to ask there but you have not replied to anyone about that mod for 3 months.

      2. promiseboy-lover

        eat your brain, because you don’t need it.

      3. he mite make a video but itll b fake and never release it as mod because it is not possible without modifying game files that only scs can

  8. I watch you tube video and guy goes up on ramp. Than he goes down and drive on side to that mechanical green key.

    My question is what’s meaning of service if i must do do same thing as b4. I though that now i must go on ramp instead of that green key??

    What’s the purpose of the service(ramp)

    1. I have to pretty much agree.. why not make it so you drive up the ramp to get serviced? It makes a nice look… but honestly beyond that it’s mostly pointless.

  9. A High Hamster

    *Slow Claps* amazing mod

  10. Very nice work. ^ ^

  11. i don’t see the point at all why a ramp when you have to go to the spanner at the side of it to fix yea truck

  12. lol this mod is so overrated. The glas housing is just a bus stop made alot larger.

    And what is the point of this ramp? I don’t get the excitement.

    1. promiseboy-lover

      he want to make more, but he can’t

  13. promiseboy-lover

    hey nickolol,
    where are those promised impossible mods like the gigaliner, and the other stuff you called “done” in the scs-forum?

  14. you are formally known as
    “the great unfinished GigaNicko”
    but some other nerds just call you “Mr. Soonguy”

  15. Excellent imagination … great work !!!

  16. Hello

    why the ramp is not over the green icon like this image?

  17. The Link is Broken

  18. The download is down. Please fix it.

    1. You can find more links if you ask goggle with “new service by Nikola Kostovski”. 😉

  19. I know you said this is a bad place to ask, but i don’t know where else to put it. can you make a mod where the upgrade/repair/paintshop is on the garage land on the large garages? i think that would make a great addition to the garages.
    again, i am sorry for posting it here but it kind of relates to the garage topic

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