New sound for Volvo


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New sound for Volvo interior and exterior.

install mod end enjoy !!!!!!

For patch 1.15.x and all version

Ayoub Systeme dz


17 thoughts on “New sound for Volvo

  1. Hey Bro Video Please ^^

  2. Video please!

      1. Thanks bro.

  3. thats old kriechbaum mod from 2013 and not 1.15 compatible. liftaxle sound is missing and crash the game. ###### men !!!

    1. Agree, old mod. Works fine unless you use lift axle, then game crashes. If Krichbaum updated it would be tops.

  4. Great mod works and sounds great working with ets2 ver 1.15.1 and also with ProMods 5.3 no issues with this mod. Thanks a Million for this!!! 🙂 🙂

  5. risteperkano

    this sound mod is old and i use this for man :))

  6. It’s kriechbaum’s mod,at least put it in the credits

    1. I agree this is your’s.

    2. Kriechbaum. Love the sounds. Can you fix the lift axle crash and post again? We all know it’s your mod.

  7. This is an old mod. A Kriechbaum mod. I miss this sound mod. This is one of my favorite sound mods. Wish this sound mod was for all brand trucks. Let it be known that if this mod is active in 1.15XX, all brand trucks with lift axles will crash when activating lift. It’s a shame. So I just deactivate mod when I want to drive a lift axle truck. Hey Kriechbaum, please do something about this problem and make this sound available for all brand trucks, including Scandia T. Great Sound mod, it’s the bomb.

  8. Very good, but after about 15 minutes the sound stopped working..

  9. any map that into your video with your volvo

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