New Speed Limit Icon (1.35.x)

Changes the display speed limit icon in the navigation

Test on version 1.35.x

LH_Trucker, Sasha87s


7 thoughts on “New Speed Limit Icon (1.35.x)

  1. thank you for update

    1. It needs updating it is not working on 1.35 I’ve recently they have been a new update because of a new DLC this is not working when I get the file I copy and paste it into Euro Truck Simulator 2 mad file

      1. Can you please make it compatible with all updates it’s as this is very helpful SCS version is very small and you can’t see the number and this is very helpful you have done a very good job on the mod but it would be nice is it was compatible with 1.35 but it is not I am sorry about this but you needed to know I have read some comments and they are saying thank you for updating it to 1.35 but that is incorrect

      2. update

  2. Thank you for update
    Greetings from Brazil

  3. jeanmichel

    tres bon mod mais le seul soucis il gêne le retro sinon sympa

  4. Nahel Elarbas

    Very helpful.
    Thank you

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