New Suspension & Physics v 1.1 FINAL


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For 1.11.1 game version

Author: Gustav Rhan


16 thoughts on “New Suspension & Physics v 1.1 FINAL

  1. link of mercedes mp iv

  2. link for the sound mod? 😛

  3. kentrucks

    ye pleas give the link for the
    mercedes mp4

  4. The mod is ####, the truck seems to be nice.

  5. Can you gif as the link of Thatcher mercedes actros mp4 thanks

  6. mercedes link dude

  7. fail

  8. Nimeni_Altu

    bad mod, better use the original physics!!!

  9. I swear some people make #### mods to just put up videos and then make money on that.

  10. kentrucks

    maybe he’s a selfish person .
    i hope he will give the link for the mercedes mp4
    that will be great .

  11. Gustav Rhan

    link to MP4, this may be too long for the current version and I’m using it fine without any problems or closed program

    link for mercedes truck sound, this version 2.0 and there are no updates as the above video content is the same but differ only in the engine start and the horn ….

  12. this is a big ####. very bad and not real

  13. kentrucks

    thank you for the link .

  14. Gustav Rhan

    There is a bit of an update, the movement in the cabin had been revised for the next version hopefully finish ….

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