New Temporal Anti Aliasing – No More Aliasing, Flickering v7.3

Changes v7.3
– AMD fps drop issue fixed

TAA is a method used by modern games to solve aliasing issues.
– Full implementation of TAA for ETS2/ATS
– It has low performance impact compared to any other anti aliasing solution.
– It is not an only postprocess TAA like you have in other apps which just blurs your screen.

TAA (Temporal Anti Aliasing) implemented with a .dll file to replace default anti aliasing method with TAA.
It is removing/recuding aliasing, flickering, shimmering with minimal performance impact.

You can get rid of aliasing problems with only 100% resolution scale in game. You can use left gpu power for higher graphic settings or anything you want.

Supported Versions:
ETS2: 1.48.x
ATS: 1.48.x

1. Go to Euro Truck Simulator 2/American Truck Simulator folder
2. Go to “bin\win_x64” folder
3. Copy & paste dxgi.dll file
4. Start game with DirectX 11
5. Disable any other anti aliasing (SMAA, MSAA, Nvidia Profile Inspector (NPI))

Press “HOME” key to open menu ingame
Rate = TAA apply rate (9 default and recommended)
Sharpness = Sharpen filter rate

You can use this method for any other project uses dxgi.dll.

Create a folder named “reshade” inside “bin\win_x64\” folder.
Copy reshade files (dxgi.dll, ReShade.ini, ReShadePreset.ini, reshade-shaders) to “bin\win_x64\reshade\” folder.
Put TAA dxgi.dll to “bin\win_x64\” folder.
Now you can play the game with TAA and ReShade.

When reshade is activated, you need to use “END” key for TAA instead of “HOME” key.



2 thoughts on “New Temporal Anti Aliasing – No More Aliasing, Flickering v7.3

  1. Uyumsuz sürüm hatası veriyor sürüm aynı keskinlik ayarı felan çıkmıyor

  2. This “mod” is updated daily as it is still being tested. Downloading from sites like this will not work, because as soon as it is updated, the previous version stops working. Better follow the mod’s official thread on scsforum

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