New Textures for Hungary Map

I started a small texture changes,Hungary,and the factory track use.(In exchange for the patience for people in need) May still be changed,but may be Beta version.o_O
Load the last known location. “High priority”
Have fun with that…

-Road textures
-A few AI cars.. (Tz express of. Fixed)
-More vivid colors

Tested 1.28 & 1.30



4 Responses to New Textures for Hungary Map

  1. TRUCKER says:

    THANKS !!!

  2. Rancilio says:

    Crash with 1.30

  3. jonas says:

    hungary map link for 1.28 plssss

  4. Old_Trucker says:

    Crash here also…nice map by the way !! Thumbs up!!

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