Foggy Weather 1.6 – 1.30 Adaption for the Mild Winter Variant

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An older version of “Foggy Weather” with compatibility for 1.30.
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3 thoughts on “Foggy Weather 1.6 – 1.30 Adaption for the Mild Winter Variant

  1. Danke!

  2. Any one else with pink, purple & red skies with this mod?
    It’s a real pain in the ### cause I really like your mod!
    When I load a game, it’s fine but after 1 or 2 in-game hours the sky starts going from light pinkish to red with weird signs in the skies around you. Probably caused by another mod but I’ve got no other weather mods enabled. Just some trailer packs and trucks and such. Will try to figure out which one is conflicting, as I am the first to comment about it. Or does anyone has an idea what kind of mod might be conflicting with this weather mod? Thnx in advance!

    1. Yeah, i have the same problem without weather mod.

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