New Traffic Light By Thalken

New Traffic Light

Mod work on 1.18.x
Compatible with Original & TSM maps + DLC East & North.
– When green light turn off then yellow appear in 3s and finally is red, and of course yellow light not appears when red light change to green.
– Yellow traffic light flicker in night like as broken.

Link all my mods:
Trailers Pack v1.1:
GTS Mod:
Improving Road Texture:
Multiple Al Traffic v1.1:

P/s: Please, show your respect by the way didn’t upload again my mod,if you’re want to share in another forum or blog then you’re can copy original link in this topic.

Author: Thalken

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18 Responses to New Traffic Light By Thalken

  1. Nhocsocksd says:

    Of course,if has multiple al traffic then will have traffic light but i think your traffic light not normal,maybe it make traffic crazy than normal =)) because did not have yellow light between red and green. Thank you so much Thalken,i will test now

  2. Soe says:

    Has some involved of this mod with multiple Al traffic,this is a small patch for Multi traffic and like Nhocsocksd say traffic will crazy than normal and i like it so much,thank you for sharing Thalken.

  3. Thalken says:

    Thank both of you so much Soe and Nhocsocksd about compliment, and your thinking is right because this mod has closely related with Multiple Al Traffic.It make traffic in game undisciplined than normal. 10 point for both of you because guess very exactly.

  4. Darklord says:

    Thalken !!! When you release v1.2 of Multi traffic??? i can’t wait anymore

  5. Swagger says:

    Nice,thanks for sharing Thalken

  6. Dado-J says:

    As far as I know the traffic, the yellow light still shines after the red light
    at traffic lights, and the game itself is designed as an educational impact on the players, that is to them
    learn to be normal participants in the traffic, and not to violate the traffic regulations. by
    Me, if a real addition to the game, the more lead the border of reality, that’s fine, but if someone is trying to put into play their unrealistic imagination, it was already ranting and perhaps others as well call to join the mess. If you say something more, make it
    bring traffic in order, and that the traffic participants know the rules and other Championship
    traffic, money you’re making a mess. It happens too in normal saobračaju.Očito
    is that you do not have a driver’s license for you is that, no offense, just play and fantasy.I do not know how else can it be admired .You are in the same level and age.

  7. Dado-J says:

    It happens too in normal traffic. obviously
    is that you do not have a drivers license for you is that, no offense, just play and fantasy.I do not know how else can it be admired .you are in the same level and age.

    • Thalken says:

      Sorry,before i say i want to ask you a question is “Have you ever going to Vietnam”??? In my country not have a yellow light between red and green in my header topic i not say that is realistic traffic,it just support for my multi traffic. And i know this mod not realistic it’s just for fun to change a little gameplay for everybody has a new experience. You want to know my age??? =)) i’m 25,driving license class C. I not say too much with some people don’t have a brain,look at yourself before say something about someone.

    • sunnoco says:

      For a moment, because Thaken became my friend from here and because I hate rude peoples, I’ll become Thalken’s lawyer and I’ll give you some safety driving tips, hoping that they’ll be very useful for you in real life traffic situations, Dado-J:
      1. If you never saw in traffic some semaphores with red and green light during the day and yellow flashing by night, then I’ll suggest you to follow my advice: for your own safety in traffic, never drive outside your country (where, I suppose, entire traffic it’s perfect!)… Good for you! You’re lucky to live in that country! I suppose it’s very easy and it’s a real pleasure to drive in your country, where all traffic lights are in perfect condition, all roads are smooth and all drivers never break the traffic laws! :)… Unfortunately, it’s not the same in all countries!;)…
      So, Thalken’s mod it’s not a Science Fiction! It really exist in real life traffic situations!;)… If this isn’t in your country, please, read a little more about this before you accuse!;)…

      2. Also, for your own safety when you drive, Dado-J, always keep in mind that even if you’re on a road with priority (sign, traffic light etc) and even if you respect all the traffic laws, always can be many other undisciplined drivers, who can ruin your day!;)…
      So, in real life, don’t think that it’s a S.F. or a bad dream! Just let them to overtake you (even if they’re not suppose to do this!)…. Or, just let them to cut your face in traffic (on your green light! How did they dared to do this!) etc, then keep so tight your “law rights / rules etc” or your “they don’t exist” statement and let them to ruin your entire day / life!;)… Don’t blame them! ;)… Maybe, they’re kamikaze! Who knows!:)… It’s your duty to keep you safely (and your passengers, of course!), when you drive!;)… And many times, just respect the traffic laws, isn’t enough for that, Dado-J!;)…

      And… in the end… a little “tip” about a good behavior in life: don’t be rude! ;)… A quote said: “it’s easy to be rude, but it’s hard do be good!” ;)… In other words, at least you can appreciate Thalken’s effort to make a mod and share it with us! If you tried to made a mod, I’m sure that you already know how much time and effort you need to make mods, even to change a few numbers / lines in a def “.sii” file!;)…
      So, if you can’t encourage him / them (moders), at least don’t become rude or don’t use free and non-objective criticism and discourage him / them!;)… Many of moders risk so much (copyright violation; aware or not about this!) to make mods and share with us, players, just for our pleasure! ;)… At least, you can be objective and tell him / them only about mods bugs (if there are any in those mods), not about your personal frustrations, because nobody force you to download a mod if you don’t like it! ;)… Just push the “Next” button!;)… Or, if you’re so picky, why don’t you try to make your own perfect mod?! ;)… No offense!… But… don’t forget Dado-J: perfection, in Psychology, it’s a disease!;)…

      Good luck… drive safe… and… just keep in mind and never forget what I already told you: in real life, drivers, roads, rules, semaphores, conditions etc, are not so perfect! ;)…

      P.S. Btw, Thalken, great mod! Your mod combined with your AI traffic mod reflect the real life traffic situations from my country! And I saw that it’s the same like in your country (except that in my country we don’t have so many motorcycles). Thank you for sharing and keep up the great and hard work, Thalken!;)

      • Thalken says:

        Yeah,maybe you’re right,may i too angry and lose my mind,thanks for your advice Sunoco, “Next” for people don’t want to saying and nonsense

        • sunnoco says:

          :)… Thalken, my friend, you misunderstood me. For a short time I was your lawyer and all advices were ONLY for DADO-J, to “teach” a little lesson about real driving and behavior (I hate rude people)! 😉
          For you, was ONLY “P.S.” (postscript) notice, my friend! 😉 But, it’s not a bad idea to push “Next” also to a people like Dado-J!:)…

          • Thalken says:

            Yaa, Sunnoco =)) maybe tonight i will upload new mod about interiors,hope it’s will useful for people carefull when driving 😀

            Oh i’m forgot,song name i has wrote for you,check in my reverse sound topic 😀

  8. LionBuster says:


  9. sunnoco says:

    Thank you Thalken. I already did this (also downloaded the song and wrote you there!)… My answer there still waiting for moderation approval.:)… Anyway, till then, I would like to thank you once again, my friend, for your link to that song. Before I was fan of Korean, Chinese and Japanese music and… girls!:D… Now, you “forced” me (with your reverse sound) to add another one on my list: Vietnamese music and… also, girls!:D… Once again, thank you so much Thalken and I can’t wait your new mod!

    P.S. Btw, if you like you can drive another things than trucks, you can drive this new ones:
    (with a few errors in log file, and wipers don’t work properly, but nothing that cannot be fixed or affect the game!;) )…
    (this one, I’ll go now to test it).
    Good luck and take care my friend.

  10. slicker55 says:

    I live in the UK and don’t worry about traffic lights as much as all you people driving on the wrong side of the road… hahahahahah…. only fooling around… it’s us ###### Brits that have it wrong… when I come to Europe, driving on the right seems far more natural to me but my wheel is on the wrong side of my car so it’s difficult to overtake or is it undertake?

    • Thalken says:

      Yeah !!! I know your country driving in left side like thailand,because i has travel in thailand one times and has some funny anniversary about traffic. When bus run in left side,i keep thinking “### this man so crazy,he not worry about police???” some people sitting near me said maybe he drunk =)). When go to hotel a tour guide saying with me “don’t worry,because in my country traffic drive in left side” :v

  11. Deadface says:

    could some one link me a video of this and I have a suggestion if there’s no red then yellow light if you can could you put the lights on the oppiste side of the intersection like here in Canada and in the US

  12. Miki says:

    It doesn’t work on 1.19. Please update this mod.

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