New Weather mod by Piva for 1.22 (UPDATED)


Added more than 30 new skyboxes
Fixed Promods 2.0 crash

SGate, piva

DOWNLOAD 467 MB [uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 467 MB [sharemods]

33 thoughts on “New Weather mod by Piva for 1.22 (UPDATED)

  1. Karina-Moskva

    Nice !

  2. Blaziken777Sverige

    Does this conflict with winter mods?

      1. Blaziken777Sverige

        Oh, i see….
        But anyways, nice work 🙂


    1. TSM not tested. On other – works.

      1. Thanks! !!

  4. Also ich zocke nur mit Tsm und bis jetzt keine errors oder sonstige probleme außer das ich sagen muß nice job.

    1. Спасибо

      1. Piva Браток , привет , скажи мне , если я поставлю твой мод , мне нужно удалять мод на погоду ? Мод стоит на другой дождь и как я понял вроде бы ни чего больше нет , но этот мод не конфликтует с модом на лёгенькую зиму ))) Если я поставлю твой мод , значит зимний мод отключаю , я это понял . Но вот что с тем модом делать ? Называется вроде IWR , ну надеюсь ты понял . Поясни мне пожалуста , стоит ли мне ставить твой мод за место того ? Буду благодарен за ответ .

        1. Или то или другое.

  5. Crash with no bloom mod ->
    Can you do something there?

  6. Nice!!!! 🙂 Thanks

  7. Female Trucker

    Night is still to bright, is there any way you can make the nights darker please?

    1. I think that nights completle dark.

  8. very nice mod ! thx

  9. In what order should I load this? Before or after ProMods?

    1. High priority

      1. Thank you! Works great and looks great.

  10. piva your weather mod looks awesome in the game!!! I am driving on TSM and it works perfect,your weather mod looks very real and is so muuuuuch better then the scs original weather,thank you very much for this great work and for sharing this excellent mod with us!!

  11. Piva, I congratulate you for the great work we do with the mod, I am a follower of your work and this particular one it is one of the best I’ve seen … my name is Mesie and I am from Latin America exactly Caracas Venezuela, a country tropical northern south America. It would be interesting to know if you can make a mod climate for this area, thanking in advance to an seguidor.Felicitaciones goodbye again for doing such good work. (Google translation)

    1. I never be in country tropical northern south America.
      I don’t know climate difference in that country.

      1. In the sunny tropical climate prevails most of the year, from February to April hot from May to July there is rain, clear weather August to November, December and January cold but no snow only with great rains of the day. Despite the rainy weather sets with Grice clouds and suddenly the sun rises … it is quite rare but so is the dominant tropical sunny days, hopefully one day will spend a vacation here, you will be gustar.Saludos and Have a happy 2016 !!! Continue with your good work.

        1. I think about this. Thank you for infomation.

  12. I tell you that I miss the sun rises at 6 am and the sun sets at 6 pm

  13. pro mod 2.0 + rusmap 1.6 + New Weather mod by Piva for 1.22 = crash in the city Rostock

  14. kevin60927

    Looks beautiful,Thank you Piva making this awesome mod

  15. For the last time, remove the ###### Bloom. How many times do we have to ask you? At the very least make the other bloom mods compatible, is it THAT hard?

    1. this mod don’t have bloom

  16. jαvαδ.[̲̅m̲̅]Ꭷ

    very good it work
    very tnx piva

    my system :
    RAM 4 * GRAPHIC AMD HD 8550 * CPU INTEL i5
    it change ur game quilty very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    before :
    after :

    ❤️of course is better to use this ? mod by PIVA MODS❤️


  17. kevin60927

    Hi Piva,Does this mod work on v1.22.4s?

    1. Yes. Works well.

  18. H.Trucker

    Hello PIVA:

    How are you?. This is my favorite weather mod, could you adapt it for the last DLC Vive la France! please?

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