New Wheels Mod

New-Wheels-Mod-1 New-Wheels-Mod-2

New Wheels Mod for Trucks

Author: aslan 808 [mahsamk]


12 thoughts on “New Wheels Mod

  1. Thanks man!
    very nice.

  2. Thank You!

  3. your welcome my friend

  4. where did you get this Mercedes

  5. mercedes link please

  6. i made this mecedes we are complated this mod soon
    please wait

  7. is also tuning

  8. Omar-Scania

    hey aslan !! super mod. Could do more wheels. Great job I congratulate you

  9. yes i can but maybe i made in long time becouse i dont have a free time and tanks for your coment

  10. I would like to know what is the password to edit the wheels I like many

  11. Work for 1.16 ?

  12. Can you please convert them for Version 1.18? Or give us the passwort, so we do it, if you can´t.

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