Next Gen Graphic Mod Big Update v 1.1

YouTube preview

-Even more SCS, ProMods, Poland Rebuilding
files retextured (roads, prefabs, sidewalks, terrain,
grass, water, signs, lines, models and..and..and…).
-New rain sound (int and ext).
-New Raindrops on windshield.

MORE SCREENS:[email protected]/

how to install Mod and Reshade in PDF file.

DamianSVW, piva, Rafaelbc


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14 Responses to Next Gen Graphic Mod Big Update v 1.1

  1. x8 Álvaro says:

    I’ ve just installed last version 3 hours ago and it’s amazing, now I gonna test it!! Thanks!!

  2. x8 4LV4R0 says:

    HEY!! I’ve just installed the old version 3 hours ago and it works perfect, amazing!! Thanks!!

  3. Karl says:

    Is this mod compatible with rusmap and southern region and the great steppe map as well?

  4. thimic51 says:

    Very good mod
    just a question…Is that we need to NEXT-GEN_Night_fix.scs

  5. c says:

    Shame i cant load the game 🙁

  6. neranjana says:

    How To install,Video Test

  7. Andy says:

    Yes the whole video is in english

  8. masoud says:

    very god jab

  9. Mike says:

    do I need the Scania NextGen for this to work ? 🙂

  10. KoTe_MypKoTe says:

    мод отличный но есть одна проблема как и у всех графических модов.. НЕБО оно ужасно и выглядит как растянутая картинка,есть ли возможность вернуть дефолтное небо от SCS у них оно отличного качества

    mod is excellent but there is one problem as with all graphic mods .. HEAVEN it is awful and looks like a stretched picture, is there an opportunity to return the default sky from SCS they have it of excellent quality

  11. thomas16 says:

    Hdr il faut l’activer ou pas

    • thimic51 says:


      Pas besoin du HDR du jeu, le reshade fait le job bien mieux…
      Pour plus de renseignement il faut lire le pdf, tout y est bien expliqué.
      Bon jeu…

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