Next Gen Graphic Mod v 1.2

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-Even more SCS, ProMods, Poland Rebuilding
files retextured (roads, prefabs, sidewalks, terrain,
grass, water, signs, lines, models and..and..and…).
-New rain sound (int and ext).
-New Raindrops on windshield.
and much more…

MORE SCREENS:[email protected]/

how to install Mod and Reshade in PDF file.


DamianSVW, Rafaelbc, The Pixelgrapher


35 Responses to Next Gen Graphic Mod v 1.2

  1. Gabriel says:

    is necesary reshade or no ? Because i have ets 2 on steam but i don`t have all the dlc

    • Jadro says:

      The base and vegetation download links doesn’t work. (No such file with this filename) Can u fix it? Thx!

  2. bazsiero says:

    nem jó a link …..

  3. Hubson PL says:

    When i try to launch the game it dosent turn on it shows up and turns off please help

  4. Hubson PL says:

    I did everything but my game turns on and then turn off after please help

  5. Squirrel says:

    Absolutely epic work sir, 10/10 must have only issue i found was thunder sounds are missing

  6. Angelo says:

    Two empty links. I was able to download only
    Any clue?

  7. TheGreenlightTrucker says:

    WOW. Pictures & a PDF for Download. No thanks.
    Upload all in one & don’t be MONEY MONEY MONEY 😉

    • Who’s MONEY MONEY MONEY???
      Mighty wanna read the 1st page in the pdf file and you notice all the
      download links.

      Or just stop bitching and do it better

      • TheGreenlightTrucker says:

        So why he dont upload all in one file? Is it so hard? 😉

    • hans says:

      The Scammer TheGreenlightTrucker the best modder in the world, wait no he isn’t. Stop trolling! U cant do it any better!

      • TheGreenlightTrucker says:

        Sure, I can upload one mod in one file. Isn’t so hard 😉

  8. neranjana says:

    How download,install and review

  9. Lucas Macedo says:

    Are previous version files required?

  10. Edvard_DAF says:


  11. Alois says:

    Hello if i copy the link, i have only ” version 1.1 but not 1.2 , weird , If you have a link to the version 1.2 thanks

  12. 6nat6as6 says:

    Downloaded from SCS Forum works absolutely fine, great work.

  13. Alois says:


  14. Alois says:


  15. Sup Cat says:

    There’s just one single problem, my pdf files don’t open properly so I can’t download it or follow any steps to install the mod…

  16. Alois says:

    Hello again
    in what order in the s mod what priority ? thanks

  17. Alois says:

    Thank you!!! wonderful work, you’re a genius

  18. Paul46 says:

    Zatolkay syka svoy ebaniy mod s virusami v gopu! Pidr!

  19. Driverstein says:

    Tutorial how to download,install and configure this mod:

  20. V8 says:

    Works on 1.28?

  21. pedrouk says:

    does it work with the previous reshade? still have it installed from 1.1…

  22. JoaoCamionero says:

    Hi Base Textures, Vegetation, Weather, Sky and Climate SCS files do not exist, please update the links to the files

  23. fadiors says:

    the website said “No such file with this filename”

  24. Cem says:

    Can you fix please this mod for rus map and southern region.

  25. riki says:

    did this mod can run in 1.31 version?

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