Next Gen Scania S500

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It was very simple modified but its compatible with original Scania S accessories and accessories mods you can modify with other mods



4 thoughts on “Next Gen Scania S500

  1. wie+bekommt+man+den+aufbau+her?

  2. Hello,i think it is a really good mod
    but i think sth need to be improved
    1.The back of the truck is nothing(no shadow,no number plate,i believe no physic works there too,no AI cannot recognize the back of the truck so they will crash to it)
    2.Physics(The physic of the truck is strange. idk if you have changed that)
    3.Viewpoint(the viewpoint from outside is strange and i think it can be prevented)
    4.Cargo(i hope you can find some cargo to fit with it although its not neccessary)
    Here is few bugs that i hope you can improve.Since i like this chassis mod so looking forward to your next update and further improvement

  3. alo+whats+the+pass

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