NextGen Scania Open Pipe [addon for Kriechbaum sound]

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I made some small changes to the definition files of Kriechbaums great Scania V8 4 series sound so it works with the NextGen Scania. I also added the NextGen “crackle” sound as an addition to the original sound. You can really hear the difference with the original sound above 1500 RPM

How to use
1. Download Kriechbaums Sound
2. Download the addon:
3. Activate them both and make sure the addon downloaded in step 2 is higher in priority.

Kriechbaum, Ro0llo


11 thoughts on “NextGen Scania Open Pipe [addon for Kriechbaum sound]

  1. Where is the addons?


    1. i’m ######, sorry 😉

  2. Torsten40

    Very nice Sound.

  3. Canarinho

    Can i copy the files from addon in the original folder from Kriechbaum? Or do it not work then?

    1. káposzta123

      Dude, just put it into your mod folder…

      1. Canarinho

        I know that, but i dont wanted 2 mods for one sound mod. That is why i ask copy files from Ro0llo’s mod in Kriechbaums’s mod.

  4. o meu só da som acima de 1500 RPM

  5. Kein Ton zu hören ….

  6. post malone

    sharemods not work gvd

  7. post malone

    nice it works great sound

  8. darkexplorer64

    Excellent mod, HD test:


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